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Vision Retreats

What is the vision you would dare to claim for the next chapter of your life?

Authenticity Vision Retreats are 1.5 to 2.5 days and are held in beautiful, comfortable spaces. They are designed to create a safe place for you to tell and learn from your own stories and the stories of others. Contact Beth to stay up to date on the next Vision Retreat!!

During this time, people experience connection, openness and trust on a level that’s rarely accessible in daily lives.

This process includes:

– Introspection through journaling
– Visualization through drawing
– Articulation through telling

Here’s what our typical retreat might look like:


Friday evenings start the retreat off with an informal get-together and time to connect.


Morning | Personal Mythology is the process of remembering the people and events that have shaped the story of your life thus far. It is a process of recalling memories to awaken awareness and realization.

Afternoon | Clean Slate identifies the patterns of sabotage that contribute to your making the decisions that you make. Especially those “I don’t know why I do what I do,” decisions. It reveals the obstacles or the ill reasons that have been dragging down your personal development.


Morning | Personal Vision which reveals your personal aspirations of the future in light of what you’ve learned about yourself through Personal Mythology and Clean Slate providing action items for personal growth.

“I have been very impacted by our retreat weekend. It gave me two areas of strength I was unaware I processed. One of those strengths challenged a core belief I have held, making me look at myself in an entirely new way. ” Connie